Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall TV Lineup

I've been looking forward to this week (specifically today) since all my prime-time shows ended in May.  I live for good TV!  We never go to the movies and my ideal way to decompress at night is just to veg out on the couch.  And I'm getting a lot of TV time in now that I'm nursing 1,000 hours a day!

Not much has changed from my line-up last year.  Some shows have moved nights which has changed my schedule a tad.  I'm super excited about some of the new shows on TV now, too!

Here's what I'm thinking for Fall 2012:

Daytime/ Daily (new category this year!)

Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda



How I Met Your Mother

Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars


Go On

The New Normal

New Girl

Private Practice

Debating: The Mindy Project, Parenthood


Criminal Minds

Modern Family

Conflict: Law & Order SVU

Debating: Guys with Kids, Revenge


The Big Bang Theory

The Office

Grey's Anatomy!!!! (my fav!!) 


Conflict: Glee...HATE that this was moved to Thursdays...ugh!


College Gameday and College Football

Catch-up on DVR 

Debating: 666 Park Avenue

When they Return

Duck Dynasty, Body of Proof, Community, Harry's Law & Political Animals

all pictures via Google Images

I don't watch anything while it's actually airing; I always DVR and watch after Matt and Carter are asleep.  It's my "me" time and I love falling asleep on the couch with the TV on.  It's weird, but it's my thing.  My biggest fear is that my DVR will one day be empty and I will have to watch daytime TV, haha! It's nice having something to do while I'm nursing, too.  

After the Emmy's Sunday night it sounds like I need to add Homeland, Breaking Bad & Mad Men.

Any other recommendations?  I'm not sure I have any more time to watch but I'd love to hear anything that is a MUST!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy birthday, Laura!

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear Laura,
happy birthday to you!

Happy 26th, Laura!  Enjoy! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weekend Austin Trip

Friday started with Monkey hanging out with Mama K and Brooks while I went to bible study.  How adorable is my baby?!?  :)

Katy had a bye this week so after Matt got home from school (early!) we hit the road and headed up to see Uncle Jeff's game against Cibolo Steele in Austin.  You didn't think we would take a weekend off from high school football, did you? We left right after I nursed him and he slept almost the entire way there.  We found a Chick-fil-A to eat dinner near the stadium and I nursed him while we were there.  Can I just say they have the BEST chocolate chip cookies! Yum! 

We made it to the stadium just as the game started.  How hot is my hubby wearing my adorable baby?!?  :)

Carter had a ball with all the people watching and sounds.  He spent some time with Daddy telling him all about the game, and then spent the majority of the night sleeping in Aunt Julie's arms.  I don't think I held him all night!  He is so good about falling asleep right at 8:30 no matter if we are at home or not.  Love that at this age you can just take them anywhere and they will sleep!  I'm sure next football season will not be as easy.  

Saturday baby boy slept until 9:30 so we had a lazy morning while Jeff was at work.  Once he got home we went to lunch at Threadgill's and then just spent the afternoon exploring Austin/Westlake.  The weather was perfect and we spent some time walking along a bridge...wish I could remember the name.  Austin is so nice and well-kept; I could totally live there.

We had planned to go home on Saturday but after a nap the college football games had started so we just decided to stay another night.  We flipped back and forth all night between at least 5 games.  So happy our Ag's won! 

And this is my baby coming home on Sunday.  Can you look at this picture and NOT smile?!?  

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Go T-Wolves!

Accidentally got a little behind...backdating some posts.

Thursday we had a busy day, full of fun with family.  We started at Rudy's for lunch with Mama, Laura, Brooxie Kate, Mama Jo and Auntie Carol.  It was BEAUTIFUL outside so they had all the doors and windows open.  Perfect start to fall!  Brooks and I had fun running around while Mama Jo got some snuggles from Little Man.

After a nap Monkey and I went to Auntie Sara's volleyball game at WCJH.  Can I say how weird it felt to walk into another junior high and just be a visitor?  Surreal.  Anyway, the T-Wolves beat MRJH in 2 games...Go Coach McDaniel!  PawPaw, Mason, Carter and I did our best to cheer from the stands.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Note from Carter

Dear Daddy and Mama,

You win.  It's been three and a half months of me running the show and it's time for y'all to take over.  I do so much better when y'all make me nap throughout the day (and not in the car) and go to bed early at night.  Thank you for taking such good care of me and giving me so many kisses throughout the day!  Y'all are my favorite people that I've met so far.

I'm having so much fun now!  I'm finally over all that crying business that I was doing...boy was that exhausting.  My favorite thing to do right now is chew on my hands.  Who knew those things existed?  I'm so glad I discovered them because they keep me so entertained all day, especially in the car.  And when I'm not chewing on my hands I'm drooling all over the place- that's fun too! It helps Mama get through all of my 0-3 month clothes I haven't worn yet since I can soak an outfit so quickly with drool.

My tummy is also starting to feel better.  I still don't like to lay on my back for awhile after I've eaten, but I'm loving being on my stomach.  Sometimes during tummy time I just fall asleep- Nana says I'm going to be a stomach sleeper as soon as I can roll over.  Speaking of rolling over, I'm not ready for that yet.  Not interested.  No way.  

Thanks for changing my diaper all the time.  I LOVE having my diaper changed!  Especially when Daddy does it because we play the kick-kick-kick, punch-punch-punch game.  I love to talk during my diaper changes, too.  Y'all just make the silliest faces and sounds while I'm getting my diaper changed and I can't help but talk to you.  If you only knew what I was thinking...

I love you both so much!  Thank you for being the BEST mom and dad and taking such good care of me.  I love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my parents you'll be.  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Must Haves: Nursing Edition

*Disclaimer- this post talks about nipples and breasts and all things nursing related.  Consider yourself warned. 

I've only been nursing now for 3.5 months, but I already feel like I've learned so much.  And I am still so in awe that my baby is living solely on what my body is producing for him!  God is so cool!  I've said it before but breastfeeding is one of my favorite parts of being a mom and I thank God every night that it is working for us.  I know how many problems people face in this area and I just pray that we can keep going as long as my body allows for us to.

That being said, here's what I want to have ready when it's time to start this over again:
1) An informative breastfeeding class
I vividly remember Matt coming home from work one afternoon and telling him we had a breastfeeding class at the hospital to attend that night.  His face could not have been more shocked!  Then he said, "what could be so hard...the baby has a mouth, you have a boob, just put them together."  Ha!  Truthfully, I wasn't really looking forward to it, but bed rest made any excuse to get out of the house a good one so I pushed for us to go.  In the end he ended up staying home and I went by myself, but I'm so glad I did.  It was a wealth of info and gave me just the push I needed to finalize in my mind that I wanted to try as hard as I could to breastfeed Carter.  Next time I want to go back and bring Matt with me so he can retain all of the info and repeat it back to me when it's the middle of the night and the baby won't latch on and I just want to give up.

2) Nipple cream

It's gross, but this stuff is a MUST!  There are lots of different brands, but this was the brand I received as a gift and used.  I was lucky and never experienced bleeding or cracked nipples, but I also think it's because I applied this stuff after every single nursing session.  And once I got through an entire tube my body had adjusted and I didn't need it anymore so I wouldn't recommend more than one or two tubes for anyone who is planning on nursing in the near future and was wondering.  It will stain your clothes though, fair warning.

3) My Breast Friend

The name is terrible, but I LOVE my nursing pillow.  It's so nice that it snaps around your waist and won't slide away from your body.  It's contoured so it supports baby's head whichever way he's lying and has a little pocket for things- remote, chap stick, water bottle, etc.  I just keep my nipple cream and a hair tie in there.  And the strap is adjustable so as your uterus shrinks and your post-pregnancy body changes you can adjust the size to fit you.  Another must for any nursing moms.

4) Itzbeen Timer

I hesitated to put this on my MUST list, but I'm still using mine so I went ahead and added it.  This times how long it has been since baby's last diaper change, bottle, nap, etc.  It has a little switch at the bottle to help you remember which side he nursed from last, which is why I mainly use mine.  It also shows the current time and lights up when needed.  This would make a great gift for any first-time moms out there.  Especially for the first few weeks when you get home and are completely in a fog and can't remember your name, much less how long it's been since another persons needs (that you are responsible for!) have been met!  Now I love waking up in the morning and seeing how long Carter slept!  Can't wait until it says 10 or 12 hours, lol!

5) A Pea in the Pod nursing tanks

This should be at the top of my list.  Yes, they are expensive.  Yes, I would get more than one.  Yes, it has to be this brand.
I have a few other brands of nursing tanks and these blow the others out of the water.  I LOVE everything about these tanks- the fit, the length, the material and the quality are all perfect.  AND, they have a built-in bra with padding and a net material.  Y'all...this is HUGE! The bra means you only need the tank- nothing over or under to hold in your new milk makers.  The padding helps put enough material between your body and the world so you don't feel like you can "see" anything AND will soak up any leaking that happens.  And the netting pulls the moisture away from your body to help prevent yeast infections and thrush.  I cannot say enough good things about these tanks!  I lived in these for the first few weeks after Carter was born- night and day.  And I have one on now as I'm writing this post!

6) Bravado nursing bras

This is another one of those brand-specific items.  I have a couple different brands of bras and these are far superior than the others.  (Thanks Stephanie for the recommendation!)  I have the Body Silk Seamless, but I'm sure the others are good too.  I think the most important thing to remember about any nursing bra is you want something that is wireless to help prevent clogged ducts and mastitis.  If I had the money I would buy one of these in every color!
7) A good pump

There are plenty breast pumps on the market, so just do your research and buy one that works for you.  I used a hand pump in the hospital after my milk came in and it worked just fine.  I was fortunate that Granny and Nana bought the Pump-in-Style Advanced for me...thank you Granny and Nana!  I now use this everyday, although I didn't really need it until this month.  It's nice to pump and know how many ounces you are producing and your baby is receiving, so I pump every morning.  I'm a milk-making machine and have to turn my pump off after my bottles fill at 12 ounces (and this is AFTER I nurse Carter when he wakes up!) I'm not sure what I would do without this now that C is sleeping so long at night.  I've built up a good supply in my freezer too!  I also have this car adapter, this bustier and these storage bags, but I don't think any of those are MUST items.  You can also buy the cones in different sizes- pumping hurt me SO much at the beginning until I bought cones that fit me.  

8) Nursing cover

Again, lots of these on the market.  I like mine because it has a rigid neckline so I can easily look down and see Carter while he's nursing, is washable and has terry cloth pockets for easy cleanup and storage. I support every woman's right to breast feed in public, but I like to be covered and more modest as I'm nursing Carter.  Next time I might look for one that goes all the way around me so my back isn't exposed. 

9) iPhone, iPad, Kindle, DVR or all of the above

Let's face it, nursing can be boring.  And a HUGE chunk of my day is spent in bed or in the rocking chair just sitting while Carter takes his time nursing.  So while he does his thing I'm usually emailing cute pictures to our families, catching up on my DVR'd shows, reading, pinning, playing games, etc.  

10) An encouraging husband

Y'all might not know this about Matt, but he does NOT do well without his sleep.  He is super conscience about what time he goes to bed at night and once he's down he's OUT.  It's so hard for him to wake up in the middle of the night and he's super grumpy the next day if he doesn't get a good nights sleep.  After the first few nights in the hospital when we had a hard time getting Carter to latch Matt understood that breastfeeding was more than "he has a mouth, you have a boob, just put the two together."  He knew that breastfeeding Carter was important to me and he LOVES the fact we are saving so much money on not buying formula (approx $1,500!!!)  There were several nights in the beginning that I was brought to tears either out of frustration with latch issues or out of pure exhaustion nursing Carter every 2 hours.  He was my rock staying awake with me, helping C latch and encouraging me when I just wanted to give up.  I know for a fact I would have just thrown in the towel and Carter would be on formula now if he had not helped me as much as he did the first 2 months.  It would be easy for any dad to just leave all the breastfeeding stuff to the mom to figure out, so I'm really thankful that I have a husband who is involved and supportive.  Love you, babe! 

There you have it!  Go forth and breastfeed!!  

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Saturday night Katy played The Woodlands HS and dominated!  63-10!  But first, let me back up.

Since Matt started coaching at Katy in 2006 I have never missed a game.  Home, away, sweltering heat or freezing rain I've made them all.  That makes 92 games.  For one, we don't see each other a lot during the week so going to the game all but guarantees me at least 15 minutes of face-to-face time with him after the game is over.  But I also know that it's important to Matt to walk out of the field house and see his family and friends after a big win or loss.  This all means nothing if we don't have anyone to celebrate it with, am I right?  So when the schedule came out last spring and I saw an away game in September in The Woodlands I started to doubt if my streak would stay alive.  Having a little baby in Texas September heat was not really a combination I wanted to risk, but leaving him at home and taking my pump with me wasn't really an option either.  Add on that my family was invited to my aunt's surprise 60th birthday party at the same time really gave me something to think about.

So for the past 2 weeks I've just been praying for God to make it clear to me where I needed to be.  I didn't want to be a bad wife and miss the game, but I also didn't want to be a bad mom and drag my 3 month old to an away game in bad weather.  All week I went back in forth over where we should go (game or surprise party) and changed my mind several times.  But Saturday I woke up with such clarity that our place was with Matt at the game.  It was as if all the stress and worry was swept away and I knew exactly what we needed to do.  I'm thankful to God for making our path clear and for giving us such great weather to enjoy the game in.

I'm so glad we went to the game because Carter had so!much!fun!! He slept most of the way there and most of the first half.  I was able to stand under the stands and watch the replay screen while he snoozed in my arms and we took advantage of the breeze down below.  By halftime the sun was down and the clouds were out and Carter woke up to enjoy halftime.  {I just want to take a second to praise the Highsteppers- I think you are the best drill team in Texas and I want to be a member on the team when I grow up.}  He was all smiles and laughs and just had a great time being held by Aunt Sheila and laughing at Auntie Sara.

The game was so good, too!  Matt was so worried going into the game.  TWHS was ranked ahead of us and has embarrassed us in previous match-ups.  We did NOT want a repeat of 2008 so going into this week everyone was on high alert for a dog fight.  No one expected the game to be as lop-sided as it turned out to be, 63-10 in favor of our Tigers! Offense dominated, defense dominated and special teams dominated.  We were ahead by so much Matty even got to come out of the press box and coach from the field during the 4th quarter.  He was all smiles after the game and C woke up long enough for us to snap some great pictures, too.

It was a great night- great game, great baby, great weather and the BEST smile on my husbands face after it was all over.