Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shellac update

Well, we are two weeks in and I am so excited to announce that I don’t have any cracks or peels!  (Compare here for week one.)  I’m am so very happy with this manicure and will definitely convert to Shellac for all future manicures. 

photo (2)


Question for other shellac-ers: I’m leaving for Florida on Saturday and will be there for a week.  Do I get the shellac removed before our trip so I don’t end up with peeling nails in Florida, or rock steady for another week and pray it stays on through the ocean and beach?  Decisions, decisions. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer lovin’ had me a blast

I have been sooooooooo busy in the past week and can’t wait to update!

Saturday, June 18

We got the Carter and McDaniel parents together and attended Kristy and Justin’s wedding.  I didn’t get any pictures of the bride and groom (she was oh-so cute too!) but did snap this one of me and the mister.


Sunday, June 19 to Wednesday, June 22

I snuck in a quick trip to see my favorite’s- Emily and Ella!  We had so much fun! I just can’t even believe how much Ella has grown since my last visit in October.  Now she is running all over the place, saying small phrases, and just has the best manners of any little 19 month old I’ve ever seen.  Emily is such a good momma and I’m learning so much from her.  She doesn’t stress the small stuff and just loves, loves, loves her little one.  AND SHE ASKED ME TO BE ELLA’S GODMOTHER!  Yes, Ella is officially my goddaughter!

While I was there we went swimming, watched a lot of Nick Jr, drank Skinny Girl margaritas, went shopping at North Park Mall (my fav!) and just enjoyed one another’s company.  Her family is vacationing in Galveston in a few weeks so I will be able to see them all again very soon.  I just adore her parents and husband and could move in with them in a heartbeat.

Picnik collage

Wednesday when I got home (after dropping off my car at the shop because my “malfunction indicator” light came on while driving home…fun) we went to eat dinner with some of our friends downtown.  We definitely need to get together with them more often.

Thursday, June 23

I relaxed, cleaned the house and did laundry, and ran some errands.  My friend Becca was in town from Birmingham and we had a nice afternoon of girl chat.  I wish she lived closer!

Friday, June 24

My BFF Missy went to Bastrop with me to get my hair done.  She introduced me to Avery McKay Salon one weekend and I’ve driven back ever since.  Mainly so we can eat at Pocket’s while we are in town!

photo (7)

Friday night we went to the Astro’s game with the McDaniel’s and enjoyed some killer seats.  Unfortunately the Astro’s did not win, but we did enjoy some quality time with the rents.





Saturday, June 25

In the morning I went to one of my sisters’ friends bridal shower.  It was really nice and the food was super yummy.  One of the games was to make a “wedding dress” out of toilet paper.  Mama Jo was our model and WON the contest!  You go girl!

Mama Jo collage


Saturday night I went with Missy and Shelly to the NKOTBSB (New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys…for you, Granny!) concert.  It was fabulous!  New Kids were insanely popular when I was in Kinder and 1st grade, and BSB was constantly in my CD player while I was in high school.  Combining the two groups and you have an arena full of 20-something females all screaming like tweens.  So fun!

NKOTBSB collage

Sunday, June 26

Matt and I were lazy and hung around the house all day watching Big Bang Theory on DVD.  I think I finally changed out of my pajamas when Kendall and Drew came over to show us their new baby, Duke.


Monday, June 27

I ran errands all day, mainly for little Brooxie Kate.  She desperately needed some new shoes and Dad wanted to get her a walker.  She was such a good little shopping buddy. 


photo (4)


photo (3)



Tonight Granny was in town so we all got together for dinner.  We missed you Sara!  We got to snuggle with this little one for awhile. 

photo (2)

I feel like I blinked and he doubled in size. Can’t wait to spend all next week with him in Florida!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father’s Day

To my Daddy:


This day means so much more to me now that I’m an adult than it ever has before.  Words cannot give enough thanks for all the dance competitions, carpooling, and KBBC video taping that you did so selflessly.  Thank you for teaching me how to be a good person, a loving sister and humbled wife.  And thanks for teaching me that a nap can happen anywhere. Smile

Easter 051


To Mr. Mac:


Thank for you raising such a loving son.  You have taught him the importance of hard-work, shown a wonderful example of marriage, and accepted me as one of your own.  There is no question that Matt would not be the man he is today without your influence in his life. 


To Matty:

I’m sure this day will have a different meaning to us in the future, but for now I’m loving you as the father you are to our furbaby Cooper and uncle you are to Brooks and Mason.  You truly have a HUGE heart and lots of love to give.  I can’t wait to watch the father you become in the next chapter of our lives.  Love you forever.


Cortney Ryan Wedding 039



Friday, June 17, 2011

Good news and bad news

I had my hysteroscopy on Wednesday and received both good news and bad news from the doctor.  We were hoping this would just be a routine procedure so they could clear us for future fertility treatments, but the doctor found a uterine septum.  Basically it’s a malformation that both prevents you from getting pregnant and malnourishes any pregnancy that happens to implant.  The fetus is not connected to the mom’s blood supply via the uterus and is actually connected to the septum eventually ending the pregnancy.   The doctor was not able to tell us for certain, but it’s safe to say this is what caused us to lose our angel baby in September. 

They doctor was able to remove the entire septum (all 12mm of it!) and thus, we will not be able to “try” for the next few months while my uterus heals.  I know this is a step in the right direction and will definitely assist us in getting pregnant in the future, but right now I’m just really frustrated.  I’m frustrated that this was not caught sooner in the up-teen procedures and surgeries I’ve had in the past year.  I’m frustrated that had we caught this soon we might have had a different ending with our first pregnancy.  And I’m frustrated that we are that much further away  from our insemination we had scheduled.  UGH!  Can’t we just catch a break?!?

And the even better news is that the estrogen I have to take in the meantime to heal my uterus has wonderful side effects. 

Pity party over.  Thanks for listening. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Shellac Experiment

I finally took some time today to treat myself to the new fabulousness (yes, I just used the word “fabulousness” on my blog, what of it?) that is Shellac.  Now, I’m not going to admit openly on this little blog how often I treat myself to mani/pedi’s, but I will say that from now on I’m thinking I will be Shellac-ing.  (Do you like all the words I’m making up today?  Your welcome.) 

Shellac is all the rage as a new combo gel nail/natural polish.  It goes on like normal polish but is advertised to last up to 3 weeks.   3 WEEKS!!!  Yes my friends, this is the Taj Mahal of manicures and I am FINALLY testing this system out.  I’m going to try and post updates on the status of my manicure in the coming days (or weeks!)

Day 1:

photo (2)


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New bloggie buddy

Please head over to my sis-in-laws new blog.  Love her!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer fun

We are one week into summer with only 9 weeks to go!  I feel like it’s already going by too fast; I guess I just want it to be summer forever.  Wouldn’t that be nice?!? 

Matt is working hard at the high school doing summer fitness from 7-3 Mondays through Thursdays.  His poor tan lines are HORRIBLE!  We are going to have to get him in the pool more often to get rid of his farmer tan.

Other than that we are having fun just relaxing and actually spending time together.  We started watching Friday Night Lights (the TV show) on Netflix and it’s scary how much the Dillon Panthers remind us of the Katy Tigers.  My only critique is that the show doesn’t show HOW MUCH the coaches actually work.  I mean, Coach Taylor is home every night for dinner.  Seriously?!?  That never happens during football season. 


We hosted Ms. Sophie last weekend and LOVED cuddling with the little princess.  Her and Cooper played and played the whole time.

photo (2)photo (3)

This weekend we went to a wedding and Ms. Brooxie Kate was my little date.  We had a wonderful time eating, dancing and doing the Aggie War Hymn.

Cortney Ryan Wedding 001

Cortney Ryan Wedding 010

Cortney Ryan Wedding 021

Cortney Ryan Wedding 026


We also finally got together on the Carter side to celebrate Matt’s birthday and Mother’s Day. 

Cortney Ryan Wedding 051

On the schedule this week: lunch with Mom, serious pool time, another procedure to bring us closer to a baby, and another wedding.  Summer fun!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Last day of school!

Today was our last full day with the students and I have to say, this year has FLOWN by!  I feel like I blinked and now it’s June!  I’m glad that we are looking at the beginning of summer but I have TRULY enjoyed these kids this year and will really miss them next year.  We’re still not sure what we will be teaching next year and I really hope they all are blessed with a great math teacher. 

Here are some pictures I grabbed today after we finished our finals.  Tomorrow we have our “Fun in the Sun” celebration- please pray I survive!

1st period

(Notice the one in the front left, we never saw his eyes)

Students 005

My “special” friend, Tanner

Students 007

2nd period

Students 011

Two of my favs…can’t wait to see them dressed as Katy Tigers in a few years

Students 013

3rd period

Students 014

My CrAzIeSt class…4th period

Students 015

5th period, minus my fav Rudi

Students 001