Monday, July 1, 2013

Carter: 13 Months

Carter Man,
You are THIRTEEN MONTHS old today! I wasn't sure I was going to keep up with your monthly updates, but I think I will continue them until you are 18-months, or maybe even 2.  There's just so much I want to remember and so much that changes every single month!

This month has been full of energy, fun and personality.  You are on the Go! all the time, stopping only to eat and nap.  You won't even slow down to get your diaper changed or take a bath! As you get more and more mobile our days get busier and more exhausting; I can only imagine what things will be like when you are running and climbing everything!

We have so much fun all day and Daddy and I have started calling you "Hurricane Carter" because you can destroy a room in a matter of seconds and you leave a trail of evidence all over the place.  From the time you get up you spend your day crawling from room to room and opening cabinets or drawers and pulling everything out.  You are a very efficient unpacker! You don't ever sit still.  Ever.  We try to interest you in toys or books or even the tv and everything is too stationary for you to be interested.

Your favorite things right now includes anything that moves.  You want to be riding your tricycle, driving your cozy coupe, pushing your digger or lawnmower or motorcycle.  You are all boy! You've taken some scary falls, even busted your lip multiple times, as you try to climb on and off all of these devices, but you only ever cry for a second before getting right back up and playing.  You're a tough little guy!

Other favorites include flipping light switches, banging spoons, being outside, opening drawers, dancing, opening and closing doors, and Cooper.

Your verbal comprehension has really taken off.  I'm not sure how much you actually understand, but you definitely can comprehend some things and can even communicate back to us sometimes.  You are getting better at stopping when we say "no" or "that's mamas", especially if we are able to redirect you immediately.  You have started pointing, but use your entire hand instead of a single finger.  And you are doing great at attempting to repeat words to us.  You are surprsingly good at imitating any movements we do- your favorites being to shake your head "no no no no no" and a big "yes."

You still love mama and don't ever want to be too far away from me.  I've even started using our Moby wrap again and wearing you around the house just so I can get things done.  And because you are so heavy!!  I just can't lug around 23 pounds on my hip all day long! You will only play with your toys as long as I'm closeby playing with you.  And if I get too far away from you, you give me a loud "Mama!" reminding me to quickly come back.  You have enjoyed playing on your new chair we got you from your birthday and want us to sit on the floor in front of you and lay back into your lap to watch tv.  You think it's hilarious.

Some of your dislikes include diaper changes, having to get out/off your riding toys, getting in your carseat and meat.

You are eating a combo of table food and baby food.  Your molars gave you a hard time this month so we added some more baby food back in.  And since we haven't found a way to incorporate meat into your meals you still get pureed meats.  Some of your favorite foods include peaches, blackberries, strawberries, cheese, any typs of bread, yogurt, waffles and carrots.

We officially weaned this month.  Tuesday, June 18 was your last day to nurse.  I don't think either of us were really ready, but it was something that worked best for our family right now.  Daddy is loving putting you to be at night and giving your bottles to you.  (Daddy wouldn't want me to tell you this ,but if ever has his shirt off you always try to nurse him!)  You now take 3 8-oz bottles per day with 4 oz of whole milk and 4 oz of formula (you need the extra iron.)  You absolutely love your bottles and will start reaching for them whenever you see us making one for you.  Bottles are so much quicker than nursing too!  We have gained at least an hour back to our day since the longest you ever take to drink your bottle is 10 minutes.  Our next hurdle will be to get you transitioned onto a sippy cup for milk.

You are still taking two naps per day around 9:30am and 2:00pm, each lasting 1+ hours with your afternoon nap being closer to 2 hours.  And 90% of the time you are curled up into a ball on your stomach with your tush in the air.  I hope you always sleep like that :)

Carter Man, Hurricane, CR...our love for you just grows and grows.  We love spending our days with you watching you grow up.  We love you to the moon and back.

13-Month Stats:
Weight: 22ish pounds
Length: 30 inches 
Eating: 3 bottles of milk a day, 3 meals of mainly table food and 1 snack
Bedtime: around 7:30pm
Awake: between 6:30 and 7:00am
Naps: around 9:30am and 2pm
Diapers: size 4 Huggies
Clothes: 12 months
Favorites: Mama, dancing, playing with doors and drawers, Cooper, driving/riding your push toys, turning lights on and off, rolling/throwing the ball back and forth
Dislikes: putting you in your carseat, taking away things you shouldn't have, diaper changes, being away from Mama, the nursery at church
Development: giving kisses, shaking head yes and no, taking a few steps, 
Words: mama, dada, nana, dog, uh oh, night night