Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Carter + Eva

Way back in October, before we found out I was pregnant, I had a "hunch" about my BFF, Emily.  I remember driving to acupuncture and talking to her, knowing she was about to tell me she was pregnant.  Sure enough...she was!

About 2 weeks later I found out that I was pregnant and after we had our first ultrasound she was one of the first people I called.  Actually, I sent her a letter in the mail but ruined the surprise before she could receive it, lol! We were due almost exactly a month apart!

It was so fun having Emily to talk to throughout my entire pregnancy.  It would not have been the same if we were due further apart.  She was my rock so much of the time when everything was (literally) falling apart and she has been my savior these first few weeks with Carter.

Low and behold, Eva and Carter were born only 2 days apart!  Eva was born on Wednesday, May 30, the same day I was in the hospital for PTL and got my cerclage out.  We thought for a second they would have the same birthday! I "met" Eva on Thursday...she is identical to her big sister, Ella.

 Once we were home from having Carter he was able to "meet" Eva too.  I fully plan on using this photo in the slide show at their rehearsal dinner! It's only appropriate that they get married, right?!

Going to the chapel and we're, gonna get married! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A true baby shower

On Sunday my mom's BFF, Tammy, hosted a baby shower for me and Carter.  It was originally scheduled for June 3, but at that time we were in the hospital with our new baby!  Mrs. Tammy graciously rescheduled for us and it was even better because I got to bring Carter along!

I'll admit, I was really nervous about bringing Carter to a shower where I knew everyone would want to see him and hold him, but it worked out really well. He slept the entire time and only got a little fussy at the end when it was time to eat.  Mrs. Joseph aka the "baby whisperer" was able to keep him calm until I was finished opening presents.

It was so nice to have a shower and actually be able to get up and move around and open all the gifts without fearing that I would go into labor!! And having that big belly out of the way made bending over to reach all the gifts so much easier.

We were again blessed with so many great gifts and so much love! My heart was bursting showing Carter off to everyone! A big thank you to everyone who was able to make it!

Friday, June 22, 2012

3 Weeks

Weight: 7 pounds
Likes: sleeping, talking to Mama and Daddy, car rides
Dislikes: drinking out of a bottle
Clothing: outgrown all of his preemie clothes and starting to fill out his newborn stuff pretty good
Diapers: newborn
Best Moment This Week: running errands with Mom and Dad, meeting Uncle Jeff, being the star of the show at Mama's baby shower

Goodness gracious, 3 WEEKS! We are thisclose to you being one month old! I can't handle this!  You are definitely a growing boy...your newborn clothes are starting to fit you and you finally hit the 7 pound mark.  You don't feel any heavier to me but we can look at pictures of you from your first week and notice slight differences.  Is it possible that you are actually growing up on me?! 

Finally got to meet Uncle Jeff

You are still sleeping most of the day and night but have started having short periods of time where you are awake. They are few and far between, but I love staring at your big blue/gray eyes when you are willing to open them.  Dr. K gave us the okay to stretch your night feedings to 4 hours and you are doing great.  We also introduced you to bottles this week and so far you would rather nurse than take a bottle.  I know this can take time so we will continue to work on it so Daddy can help with feedings too.  

You have slowly warmed up to the idea of a pacifier, but you still won't take one regularly.  You will take the MAM brand about one out of ever five times it is offered to you.  You have also started to show a preference to laying on your right side.  I'm not sure how you manage it, but at night in your swaddle you can roll onto your right side.  Daddy and I watch you on the monitor and it's the funniest thing seeing you kick your legs back and forth until you are in position.  Daddy's worried your right side of your head will start to flatten but I think we will be okay.
You look so small in your carrier! 

Our visitors and finally winding down so we've had a lot of time to be at home just the three of us.  I still am having a hard time putting you down, choosing to rock you over doing anything else.  Even at night when we go longer between feedings I'm still finding myself rocking you instead of catching up on the sleep I most desperately need.  I just want to soak up every single second of you right now and I know I'm going to blink you will be grown.  Eventually, though I am going to have to face all the cleaning, errands, thank you notes, birth announcements and scrapbooking that I've been neglecting.  

Funny moment I want to remember- yesterday I was changing your diaper and Daddy chose that exact moment to kiss you on your forehead. did what little boys typically do at diaper changes and "went" all over yourself and the side of Daddy's face! I tried to clean it off with a wipe really quickly, but your Daddy noticed and freaked out! That's what he gets for stealing kisses during diaper changes! :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sneak Peek

We had our newborn pictures taken on Monday and our little Monkey was SO FUSSY! I felt so bad for him but we still managed to get some beautiful shots.  Our fabulous, wonderful, patient, talented photographer, Sara Griffin of Sara Griffin Photography worked photography magic with our little fussy pants and posted a sneak peek on her blog yesterday.  Do you die over how cute these pictures are?!?

I melt

Thank you, Sara! I can't wait to see the rest and order some to frame for the house!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Carter's Visitors

This post is long and picture-heavy, but I want Carter to be able to look back and see all the people who came to meet and love on him his first few weeks of life.

Baby boy- you have SO MANY people who love you! It has been a revolving door of visitors the past few weeks and we can hardly keep up with everyone.  All of our friends and family have come by to see you and love on you.  I think your grandparents (both sets) would take you if they had the chance!

First up, our visitors in the hospital:
 Uncle Gary, Aunt Denese, Todd and Grace
 Aunt Laura, Mama K and Aunt Kendall
 Aunt Kendall and Uncle Drew
 PawPaw and Nana
 Uncle Robby, Cousin Mason, Aunt Stephanie and Nana
 Aunt Sara
 Coach Miller
 Coach and Mrs. Joseph
 Coach and Mrs. Ripp
 Cousin Brooks and Daddy J
 Aunt Laura and Brooks
 Dr P
 Mama Jo and Auntie Carol
 Matt and Michelle

Once we got home your family from Louisiana made a special trip to come see you:
 Uncle Steve and Aunt Kristen
 Aunt Cathy and Natalie
 Uncle Scott
 Uncle Scott and Granny
 Poppa and Dad
Aunt Stephanie, Mason, Poppa, Mom & Dad, and Granny

Your first week you were home:
 Mason and Nana
 Loren and Chad
Mrs. Joseph and Julie

Your second week you were home:
 Mrs. Tammy
 Aunt Laura, Mama K, Brooks and Daddy J
 Aunt Missy
 Mrs. Kathleen
 Aunt Missy and Uncle Mike
Nancy and Caroline

Whew!  So much love in these pictures, I love it!  And this isn't even all of your visitors...Mama forgot to get pictures with Mrs. Mary and Mrs. Mechelle.  I has truly been a joy introducing you to everyone and seeing their eyes light up when they meet you.  You have brought a new joy to our lives that we didn't know we were missing until you filled it.  We still have some more people to meet (Uncle Jeff and Aunt Emily) and I know you will charm the socks off of everyone else you come in contact with.