Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Recap

Another month gone just like that! Maybe it's because I'm not pregnant anymore but these months are flying by!
April was spent adjusting to our girls being home and we spent most of the month having our moms stay with us to help.  May was very different.  Not only did we send the moms back home, but Matt also started spring football so he was gone Monday through Saturday.  I did a lot of solo parenting!

We started the month with Carter turning 23 months (hold me) and the dreaded Hand Foot Mouth disease

Thankfully that passed within a week and he was back to his normal self

The girls practiced being precious

This picture.  Carter's favorite new game is to point to everyone as we name them.  I may be partial but I think he's the cutest one ;)

Matt perfected the art of bottle feeding while sleeping

Did lots of this

Carter dominated at being a big brother

Lots of snuggles with the girls (and boy)

Got to work on the nursery (still lots of work to do)

Said goodbye to the Traverse and hello to a Honda Odyssey.  I went to the dealership by myself one day while Carter was at school and Matt was at work.  Besides it not having a DVD player I'm pretty impressed with myself. 

Carter was...well..Carter

Celebrated Mother's Day at Willie's and with an hour to myself to get a pedicure

First solo outing with three under two! We went to the mall to look for swimsuits for the girls, naturally. 

Date night! We made it a double with Stephanie and Robby and ate at Taste of Texas to celebrate me, Steph and Matty all turning 30!

Girls' 3-month weight check and vaccines.  Madeline is 9 lb 2 oz (1%ile) and Molly is 8 lb 7 oz (<1 ile="" p="">

Spring Red & White game.  We played on the field with Daddy before the game and Carter was in heaven!! 

Said goodbye to Ms. Flo and Ms. Kelly and our Fish Class friends

Lots of time at the park before it gets too hot

Our first smiles from this little one

And we ended the month with Carter's 2nd birthday party at the Little Gym