Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

I know, I know, we are WAAAYYY past Christmas, but somehow I forgot to blog about Christmas so I am fitting this in now and will just backdate it to fit.

The day we got out of school for Christmas break this year Matt and I both came down with the flu.  I had it worse than Matt which was good because one of us needed to be lucid enough to feed Cooper, administer meds, etc.  The biggest bummer of all was we had to cancel our ski trip to Vail we had planned.  Sad smile  We are planning to reschedule for spring break. 

Once we rejoined the land of the living we went and celebrated my dad’s 75th birthday!  The only photos I got from that night were really crummy; I blame Benadryl.

Dad’s birthday cake at Olive Garden

Christmas 002

BKC and her momma

Christmas 006

Next up was Christmas with Matt’s family.  We met and had a yummy dinner at Papadeaux’s in our own private room!  Mr. Sammy and Mrs. Diana later spoiled us with gifts back at the house.

McDaniel family, Christmas 2010


Christmas Eve we spent in Katy with the Carter family and hosted everyone at our house.  It was quite the challenge cooking for 12, cleaning'/decorating the house, buying/wrapping gifts after having the flu, but we managed to pull it off.

Todd and Auntie Carol

Christmas 012

Kendall and me

Christmas 013

Kendall and Drew on their first married Christmas!

Christmas 017


Christmas 019

Us, Christmas 2010

Christmas 020

BKC ready for church

Christmas 024

Cuddling with Uncle Matty after her nap

Christmas 029

Annual couch picture

Christmas 033

After dinner we headed to church and after church we went to my parents house for desserts and gifts.

Uncle Matty loves his little Brooks

Christmas 044

Her favorite gift, tissue paper!

Christmas 055

Matt’s favorite gift, his snuggie!

Christmas 072

And my favorite gift, a new Kindle!

Christmas 077

Bright and early the next morning we left for Pine Prairie to spend Christmas day with Matt’s family.  We had a TON of food and an absolute blast opening presents with Granny and Poppa and the gang. 

Poppa opening presents

Christmas 089

McDaniel sisters


Our last Christmas actually came after the new year because it was the only time my dad’s side of the family could get together.  Can you blame them with all of these schedule to contend with?!?  We enjoyed lunch at my dad’s favorite restaurant, James Coney Island, and opened presents back at the house.

More tissue paper for BKC


Gary and Jamie


Karey and Hailey


Kyle and Dee


Lol! One of my dad’s bday cards!


Whew!  It’s exhausting reliving all of this through pictures! 

After Christmas while we still had some down-time from school Matt and I were able to spend quite a bit of time with Ms. Brooxie Kate.  She went shopping with us, had a slumber party at our house, traveled all of Katy and hung out with several of our friends. 





Monday, December 13, 2010

Getting This Christmas Right

Currently our church is working through a sermon series called “Getting This Christmas Right.”  I will be the first to admit that it is SO very easy to get caught up in the commercialization of the holiday time and I am working on narrowing my focus this year on what Christmas is all about. 

If you have time I would love for you to listen to a podcast (or three!) about getting Christmas right.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas cards

I just finished stuffing, stamping and addressing all of our Christmas cards and they should hit the mailboxes this week!  I’m so excited; they are oh-so cute!  My very talented friend Ally did our Christmas cards again this year.  Do you remember ours from last year?  Let me refresh your memory.

oh by golly[1]

Ally did our cards again this year and they are to die for!  If you have not already done so, please head over to her site, Little Bears Designs, and sign yourself up.  It’s not too late!  She has a TON of designs to choose from and is so flexible and fast.  I promise, you won’t be disappointed!


Be looking for your 2010 card in your mailbox.  I would post one here but that would ruin the surprise.  Winking smile

Monday, December 6, 2010

Katy vs Pearland

There is not one single ounce of me that wants to write this post, however, I know when I look back at 2010 I want to remember the WHOLE thing, good and bad, so here goes.

The Tigers faced up against the Pearland Oilers on Saturday at Rice Stadium for the Region III Championship.  The game was back-and-forth the entire time and, unfortunately, we did not come out on top.  We DID play our hardest.  We DID leave it all on the field.  And we DID play with the heart of a champion.  I am so very proud of this group of kids and what they have accomplished this year. 

This time of year is so hard.  I hate to be disappointed in a 13-1 season, but I can’t lie and say Matt is happy about how things turned out.  I know the seniors were not prepared to play their last football game, and it breaks my heart to know this is our time to say goodbye.  I know GOD has BIG plans for them, and I trust in His plan.  I pray that the time they have spent here at Katy has taught them how to be a good teammate and a good person, but also how to be a great man and a great husband.  

A few pictures from Saturday…

Matt with the guys during pre-game

Katy vs Pearland 001

Katy vs Pearland 004

Katy vs Pearland 012

“On the fourth week of playoffs the Oilers gave to thee, a Tiger victory over the pear team!”

Katy vs Pearland 014

Katy vs Pearland 015

The flying Tiger

Katy vs Pearland 016

At halftime the Trash Can band made an appearance!

Katy vs Pearland 019

It’s not playoffs unless the band make the outline of Texas!

Katy vs Pearland 021

“The Game- determination. The Crowd- dedication.  The Spirit- domination!”

Katy vs Pearland 023

To my coach-

I am so proud to stand on the sidelines each week to cheer you and your boys on.  I wish I could take your pain right now and keep it all for myself so you don’t have to feel any of it.  Know that you have changed lives and these boys will always remember you.  I love you, always and forever. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November wrap-up

To say that I am shocked it is already December is really an understatement.  I feel like it was JUST summer, now I’m putting up Christmas decorations!  November sure did seem to take awhile though. I think it’s because we go so long before Thanksgiving without a break from work that we end up counting down each-and-every day until we get a pass from work for 5 days.  Now I’m already starting my countdown to Christmas break (really, I’ve already started my countdown to retirement, but don’t tell anyone!)  Here’s how the end of the month wrapped up for the McDaniel house:

1) Area Finals, Katy vs. Cy Fair WON 55-20


Katy faced up against a really good Cy Fair team at the infamous Berry Center and it was a real nail-biter for a little while.  Thankfully the Tigers had their heads on straight the second half and walked away with a 55-20 victory and an invitation to the quarter-finals.  I can’t remember the last time we have NOT been playing football over Thanksgiving!  Boy, are we blessed!



“Watch out Bobcats, the Tigers are near. Playoffs round 2, your season ends here!”


The Bengal Brigade did a TAP routine at halftime, fabulous!!


“Where a winning tradition exists, CHAMPIONS will be found”


2) Auntie Carol’s 60th birthday and Mama Jo’s 86th birthday

Mama Jo and Auntie Carol’s birthdays are a day apart AND Auntie Carol was bringing in the big 6-0 so what did we do…..had a fiesta, of course!







Happy birthday Auntie Carol!!

3) Thanksgiving

This year we decided to switch things up a bit and have Thanksgiving at our house.  We were not able to go anywhere since Matt still had practice so everyone came to us! We were in charge of the turkey and ham and, if I must say so myself, things turned out great!  Many thanks to our sponsors, Mom Carter, Mama Jo and Auntie Carol for their delicious additions to the feast.  Same time, same place next year?

Her shirt says, “My aunt is my BFF!”  Wonder who got that for her??? Smile



4) Texas A&M vs University of Texas, WON 24-17



Who would have thought going into this college football season that the Aggies would beat Kansas, Tech, OU, Baylor, Nebraska AND Texas to share the Big 12 South?  No I!  I am so proud of my boys and what they have accomplished this year.  Some of Matt’s former players that now play for A&M came home over Thanksgiving so we got a chance to talk with them about everything.  It’s great that A&M is doing so well but it’s even better to watch these guys that Matt coaches for 4 years do it.  Hopefully in a few weeks we can add Cotton Bowl Champs to our list!

5) Adam and Amy’s wedding

Adam and Matt have been friends since high school and Adam was a groomsman in our wedding.  Adam and Amy tied the knot this past weekend at our “almost” reception venue, Agave Road.  It was such a touching ceremony and wonderful reception. 

I barely took any pictures while we were there, but I did get the cakes!  The best part!

Bride’s cake


Groom’s cake, and Xbox 360!


The Painter’s


Me and MM


6) Regional Semi-Finals, Katy vs North Shore WON 32-27

We only THOUGHT we had a nail-biter against Cy Fair the week before, HOLY COW!  This was such a close game!  We went back and forth all game, and were behind much of the 4th quarter.  Thanks to a stellar QB and an awesome defense we came away with another W!  Whew!  One thing is for sure, North Shore is good.  I mean, scary good.  It’s a shame 2 teams this good had to meet to soon into the playoff’s. North Shore should definitely still be in it.

Next week: Pearland. 

“We’ve done it once, we’ll do it again. The heart of Katy has no end!”



“There is strong, then there is Katy strong”




7) Uncle Jeff

Last but not least, with the time off from work brought home our favorite roommate, Jeff!  Jeff finally got to meet baby Brooks!