Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It’s a GIRL!!!

I’m going to be an auntie to a baby GIRL!  Congratulations Laura!!

03.30.10 SA Carter Laura OB 41

Brooks Kathryne Carter is still set to arrive around August 8th, 2010.  The first thing Laura and I did this afternoon (after gushing over all of her little pictures first!) of course was GO SHOPPING!  Little girls are so fun!

001 002 003

Please keep Laura and baby Brooks in your prayers for the next 20 weeks.  We can’t wait to meet you, Brooks!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Drew and Kendall’s Wedding

This past weekend we traveled to Bastrop, TX for my favorite cousin’s wedding.  We stayed at the Hyatt Lost Pines resort where the rehearsal dinner, wedding and reception all took place.  It was a nice hotel, way overpriced, but would have been perfect if we had kids.  Very family friendly.

The wedding was supposed to be outside but Mother Nature did not behave and at the last minute everything was moved inside.  Good thing because it was COLD on Saturday!  Everything was still B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L, even with a last minute change.  And to think this was all planned in 4 months!

The bridesmaid luncheonKendall and Drew 002

At the rehearsal

Kendall and Drew 004 Kendall and Drew 005

The cute, personalized gifts. 

Kendall and Drew 011 Kendall and Drew 013

The “getaway car!”

Kendall and Drew 014

Auntie Carol and MOG, Aunt Denese

 Kendall and Drew 020

Kendall and Drew 021

Auntie Carol made the kneeler, isn’t she talented?!?

Kendall and Drew 026


Kendall and Drew 034 Kendall and Drew 036

Mom and Dad cutting a rug on the dancefloor :)

Kendall and Drew 063 Kendall and Drew 066 Kendall and Drew 072

Monday, March 22, 2010

Dancing with angels

This post is extremely hard to write, and I’m not even sure my words can fully encompass all of my emotions right now.  One of my sweet former cheerleaders went to be with God on Friday night.

Cheerleading 2008 031

Nicole was one of my cheerleaders from 2007-2009.  Friday night her family was coming home from spring break in Galveston when they were hit by a drunk driver.  Nicole joined the angels in heaven while her little brother and sister both sustained massive injuries and are currently still in ICU.  Her mom broke her back and shoulder but has been released to tend to her younger siblings.  Her dad did not sustain any injuries, and her older brother and sister were not with the family in Galveston.

Cheerleading 2008 016

Nicole was a freshman at Katy High School, a member of the volleyball team and a manager for the softball team.  She planned to tryout for cheerleader next month and was on the honor roll.  While at KJH she was a cheerleader, involved in athletics and theatre.  She truly was the student everyone described as “always having a smile on her face.”  She was named All-Star Cheerleader her 8th grade year.

Cheerleading 2008 092

Love you, sweet girl. 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Birthday, anniversary and spring break fun!

The past week has been F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!  Friday I celebrated 26 years of life (can you believe I’m already 26?!?!  Crazy!) and the family and I went to Chili’s to celebrate.  Matty had a soccer game so he could not attend.  :(

Bday, anni, stpat 005 Bday, anni, stpat 007 Bday, anni, stpat 011 Bday, anni, stpat 009

Mama and Mama Jo gifted me with new luggage which was very much needed.  It turns 360 degrees and has multiple pockets.  I’m very excited about it!


The best sister-in-laws in the world made me the most delicious cake you will ever put into your mouth!  You can read about it here.


Monday for our anniversary Matty took me to the Taste of Texas for dinner to celebrate.  Mmmmmmazing!  Neither of us had ever been and for those of you who have never experienced it either we highly recommend it.  Classy place, good food and great service.

Bday, anni, stpat 017

On Tuesday since Matt was not able to celebrate my birthday with me we went out just the two of us to our favorite place, THE MELTING POT!  We don’t get to go there often, but since it was a special day and since we had plenty of time because of spring break, we decided to visit.  It did not disappoint!  Yummm…I could eat the chocolate fondue everyday of my life.  :)  Afterwards we saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D at the movies.  Very good.

Bday, anni, stpat 018 Bday, anni, stpat 019 Bday, anni, stpat 020

This weekend we are headed to Bastrop, TX for Drew and Kendall’s wedding! 

Bday, anni, stpat 013

Monday, March 15, 2010

730 days…

…or 2 years ago, WE GOT MARRIED!  Happy 2 year anniversary babe…you are still the best part of me.  I love you, always and forever.

0283 0287 0334 0324 0331 0494 0587 0638 0704

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Cathey!!

It’s official, Mike and Missy are married!

Mike and Missy Wedding 097

We spent this weekend celebrating Mike and Missy’s big day.  Mike and Matt have been friends since high school playing football together and living on the same street.  Over time Missy and I have become incredibly close and they are like family to us.  Matt was a groomsman in the wedding and I was the reader during the ceremony.  We can’t tell you how happy we are for these two and how much their friendship means to us.  Congratulations and best wishes for a long and happy life together!

We started off the weekend rehearsing at the church and celebrating at Smith and Wollensky afterwards.  The Cathey’s sure know how to throw a party!

Mike and Missy Wedding 001 Mike and Missy Wedding 006 Mike and Missy Wedding 009

Delicious meal…loved the creamed spinach!

Mike and Missy Wedding 010

Me and the bride!

Mike and Missy Wedding 011

Me and Shelly

Mike and Missy Wedding 019


Mike and Missy Wedding 022

Hubby #1

Mike and Missy Wedding 023

Hubby #2

Mike and Missy Wedding 027

Me and the groom!

Mike and Missy Wedding 030

Fav girls!

Mike and Missy Wedding 033


Mike and Missy Wedding 046

The guys

Mike and Missy Wedding 058 Mike and Missy Wedding 059

Groomsman gifts…he engraved them himself!

Saturday Mike treated us to a wonderful breakfast at the Houstonian and we spent most of the morning just lounging around and getting ready.   The wedding was at Westminster United Methodist Church and the reception was at the Houstonian.  They both were BEAUTIFUL and perfect locations for Mike and Missy’s wedding.  A few from Saturday:

Mike and Missy Wedding 068We clean up nice!

Mike and Missy Wedding 070 

The dress

Mike and Missy Wedding 078 Mike and Missy Wedding 084

In the limo

Mike and Missy Wedding 088 Mike and Missy Wedding 087

The cakes!

Mike and Missy Wedding 089 

The candy bar

Mike and Missy Wedding 091 Mike and Missy Wedding 093 Mike and Missy Wedding 107 

The Cathey’s!

Mike and Missy Wedding 113 Mike and Missy Wedding 115 Mike and Missy Wedding 136 Mike and Missy Wedding 179

Congratulations Mike and Missy!  Have fun in Jamaica!