Sunday, August 30, 2009

78-0 is as far as you go!


WE DID IT!  In the last minute of the game last night North Shore snapped the ball over their punters head and out of the end zone to give us a safety for the win!  The final score was 9-7 and we were heading into overtime before that safety.016019

Let’s back up.  North Shore currently holds the record for most regular season consecutive wins in the state of Texas at 78 games.  They beat us last year 10-6 to give us our first loss of the  year so last nights battle was a heated one- we wanted revenge!  The game was televised here in the Houston area and was sold out at the stadium with over 12,000 people in attendance.  021

The game was a battle of defenses and turnovers.  Both teams turned over the ball several times and we went into the half 7-7 and the game stayed that way all the way until the safety at the  end.  026

Matt’s secondary looked great!  The boys played really hard and we definitely would have lost had it not been for them on defense.  

Bring on The Woodlands! 002


Sunday, August 23, 2009

10 Things

10 things that have happened since my last post:

10) My friend Becca started a blog.  Read about her new life as a married woman and preschool teacher living in Birmingham, AL here.

9)  Thanks to my friend Ally I have discovered Windows Live Writer.  For all you bloggers out there who are PC users and loathe Blogger have I got a program for you!  Windows Live Writer has saved my blogging life!  It’s the only way to blog and is so easy to use (and a FREE download!)  Sorry Mac people, I don’t have an answer for you.

8) I had a WHOLE WEEK to sit on my butt and do NOTHING!  That’s right, nothing.  I didn’t clean, didn’t grocery shop, didn’t blog, leave or even exercise.  I sat on my fat butt and became a professional couch potato and I loved it!  As you have read I have had a pretty busy summer so it felt good to sit and do nothing for awhile before school started.  But trust me, I have made up for it since then!

couch potato

7) I entered the wide world of Skype.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, Skype is a free service usually used to video conference via the internet with another person.  Auntie Carol and I set up our computers/webcams and have “skyped” a few times from our living rooms.  For anyone who is ever separated from a loved one but has an internet connection and a webcam I highly suggest this wonderful service to you. skype

Add me as your friend on Skype!

6)  Speaking of Auntie Carol, she got a new dog!  Zeus “the goose” Corbin joined us from just down the road in Houston.  He is a Weimaraner with the sweetest disposition.  He is a light brown color and made fast friends with Mama Jo’s dog, Silver.  The two are having the time of their lives hanging out all day, chewing on bones and taking long naps.  Pics to come soon!

5) This guy retired!

056 That’s right!  After 28 years with BP Mr. Sammy has “retired.”  I put that in quotations because he is now the newest employee of Midstates Petroleum LLP, the family oil and gas business.  Yeah, he was retired for a whopping weekend. 

BP held a very nice retirement reception in his honor at the Westlake Club.  We played a friendly game of “Fact or Crap?” about Mr. Sammy’s life and listened to a few of his co-workers roast him pretty good.  Here are some of my favorites from that night:

024 035 044 057 066 068 069

Congratulations Mr. Sammy on quite an accomplishment.  Good luck in  your future ventures at MidStates!

4)  Football is back and in full swing!  Whoo hoo! Town Pep Rally was last Monday and acts as our unofficial start of the season.  Our first game will be this Saturday against North Shore.  For those of you who remember, North Shore beat us in the opening game of last year 10-6.  They currently hold the state record for regular season win streak at 78 games.  Hopefully the Katy Tigers can break that streak this weekend!

096 097 098 099 3) Did I mention the first week of 2-a-days Matt sprained his knee AND was running a 102 degree fever!  Poor baby!  His knee is doing much better but we are still keeping a close eye on it in case it is actually a torn MCL.  These next few days/weeks should reveal a lot.  He somehow contracted something viral that first week of practice and ran a fever all week.  Thankfully he is better now and game planning for North Shore.

2) Steph and I made the BEST dessert!  We used a M&M chocolate chip cookie recipe of hers and combined it with a cream cheese frosting recipe of mine to create this masterpiece:

102 Yum!  It’s a 3-layer monster cookie with cream cheese frosting in between.  I’ve almost finished the entire thing!

105 1) Back to school time!  On August 12th we reported back to work and I walked into my classroom to find this:

020Thankfully my principal gave us loads of time in our classrooms this week and I was able to turn that mess into this:

106The kids will come tomorrow and we repeat the cycle all over again.  I will have 3 PreAP and 2 Academic classes this year, 1 of those being a co-teach class.  I have a little over 100 students to meet, assess and assist in the coming weeks so please pray for Matt and I as we truck through these first weeks back.  Please pray for a smooth transition for our students and a stress-free (or stress-less, can’t really be stress-free, can it?) time for us. 

Thanks for reading and I will post after the game this weekend! 

Monday, August 3, 2009

I Survived!

So last week was 1) my first full week over the summer at home, and 2) CHEER CAMP!   I can’t say that I wasn’t full of apprehension and possible dread before the week started, but it was fun and I fell in love with my new squad.  I always say they are not going to suck me in and I’m only their coach but they sucked me in, nevertheless.  They are completely precious and wonderful little ladies.  They worked so hard this week and really came together as a team to win their superior rating.  That's right, SUPERIOR!  My squad is superior!!!!

Here’s some pictures I was able to snap over the course of the week:

003 006 013 015 021 025 026 031 037 048

049 214