Tuesday, November 29, 2011

All Hail the Mighty Tigers

The time has come for me to write the post I always hate to write- our last football game of the season post.

Katy played the LaPorte Bulldogs on Saturday and just couldn't pull out the win.  We fought hard, the entire game, but just didn't come out on top this time.

To say Matt is disappointed is a HUGE understatement.  He's been working his butt off since last football season ended to ensure we improved and made it further in the playoffs, which didn't happen.  I'm not allowing him to place blame anywhere because that's just not fair at all, but I am allowing him some time to be sad and whiney.  I figure I'll let him sulk this week and send him to Austin this weekend for Jeff to perk him up.  Maybe by the time he comes home he will feel better and start looking forward to next season.

So in the meantime please just pray for his precious heart right now, that he heals quickly and is able to lead his boys to train for the season to come.

Love you, Coach.  Win or lose.

Monday, November 28, 2011


In recent years Thanksgiving has come to be a very stress-less holiday for us.  Matt typically has practice early in the morning so we can't travel anywhere, there are no presents involved, and this year I didn't host! Yahoo!  My only responsibility was a dessert- no problemo.

We headed over to Mama Jo's on Thursday after Matt got home from practice and lunch was almost ready for us.  We feasted on the usual- turkey and ham, sweet potato casserole (Matty's fav), green bean casserole, mac -n-cheese (my fav), broccoli/rice casserole, etc.  I'm not big on Thanksgiving food- I'd much rather have pizza- but everyone seemed blissfully full and content.  It's amazing how happy food makes you!

Saturday night we headed over to the Joseph's to watch the game.  My poor Aggies fell apart!  Someone, somewhere needs to figure this whole rivalry ending thing and fast; it would really be a shame to not ever play UT anymore.  But, boy did I hate hearing it from my kids today!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November birthdays

Sunday we got together to celebrate Mama Jo and Auntie Carol's birthdays.  Auntie Carol's birthday was Sunday and Mama Jo's on Monday so it works out well for us to celebrate them together.  Everyone but Matt and Drew were able to make it to lunch at La Hacienda and we had a blast!  Especially when we all wore sombreros and sang happy birthday! :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Area champs!

Well, we survived, and I didn't have a heart attack (although I was pretty close!) and we WON 44-30!  Area champs baby!

The atmosphere on Friday night was amazing- exactly why I love this time of year.  Both crowds were on fire, we didn't sit the entire game, and my voice is still on it's way to coming back to 100%.  I love, love, LOVE that Matt has a job where we can all go and cheer him on- how many other wives can say they go to their husbands job with thousands of other people and cheer their hearts out every week for 16 (hopefully) weeks??  Not many.

Saturday we headed up the Klein to watch Westlake take on Klein Oak.  Unfortunately, it was not Westlakes day and the Chaps fell to Klein Oak.  We are so proud of their amazing season and SO VERY proud of their defensive coordinator.  Enjoy your off-season, Jeff, and we will be back to cheer you on in August.  

Next up for the Tigers, LaPorte on Saturday.  Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hunger Games!!!

Remember this post back in March?  Well, the trailer for the first movie was released this week:

March 2012!!!  I cannot wait!

If you haven't read the Hunger Games series go pick it up and read it before March.  It won't take you more than a week, I promise.  And it's so good!  

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bi-District Champs!

Saturday we played the Madison Marlins (home of Vince Young) and WON 63-7 to claim the Bi-District Championship!  Way to go Tigers!

My favorite part of playing Madison is the BAND!  We've played Madison almost every year in the playoffs since I was in high school and their band never disappoints!!  In my next life I want to be in the Madison band, lol!
Yes, he bent all the way backwards until his hat touched the ground!!  

Next up, Cy Woods Friday night at the Berry Center.  

Monday, November 14, 2011

Veteran's Day

Every year for Veteran's Day Katy Junior High puts on a big VD ceremony.  We invite dignitaries from around Katy, Veteran's and have a big performance from our band/orchestra/choir.  It's a big deal for our kids because they get dressed up and get out of class and we put a big emphasis on how important these people are.  But it's an even bigger deal for our Veterans.  The art students have patriotic art hung in the halls, in English the students write poems to Veterans and the cheerleaders "host" our VIP's as they enter the school.
My dad has attended the past two years with his guys from the American Legion group and had the best time.  He's so cute in his hat! :)  This year the mayor of Katy spoke and talked to the kids about how to enjoy the freedom they posses and to thank the Vets for said freedom.  He did a wonderful job.
KHS also does a great halftime routine each year to "Salute to America's Finest."  This is Dad standing at the game when they acknowledged the Marine Corps.  

Thanks to all the Veterans who work hard to support our freedom.  

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Week in the Life

I've seen quite a few "A Day in the Life" posts floating around blogland lately, and I'd thought I would add my own version.  A day in the life would probably be boring so I thought I'd do a week in the life and kind of talk about how Matt and I get through football season.  I think we will like to look back on this a few season from now and see how things change.  :)

Matt and I wake up at 5 and I get ready for work and he throws on his practice clothes and leaves by 5:15
I'm usually at work by 6:20
I work until 4ish, give or take some time depending on lesson plans, papers to grade, meeting, etc
I come home and clean house, read blogs work out and make dinner
Mondays are booster club meetings for the football team so this is Matt's early night, anywhere between 7 and 8
If KJH is playing at KHS I'll head up to the school and Matt and I will watch the game together before heading home for dinner
Time together until 9:30, bedtime

Repeat Mondays
Matt home around 8-8:30

Repeat Mondays and Tuesdays
I have acupuncture at 4:30- leave Katy by 3:30, home by 6:30
Sometimes we will go to position dinner for Matt's secondary kids, if he leaves work early enough (by 6:30)
Otherwise he works later and I'll make dinner

Matt can sleep in until 6
Thursdays are subvarsity games- if Matt is playing in district or close-by his mom and I will go to his game at 4:30
Afterwards I go and eat dinner with my parents, Laura and BKC
Matt home anywhere from 10-midnight, depending on where they are playing

Matt can sleep in until 6
If we don't have a game Matt is usually home by 5:30 and we usually go to dinner together
Sometimes we will scout together, and sometimes I let him go with the guys

Most Friday nights I'll head to Austin for Jeff's game with Julie and Mrs. Joseph, home by 1am

Once or twice a season we will get a Friday where he doesn't have to scout and we can spend a night together

If we do have a game Matt will stay at school and I'll meet the McDaniel's for dinner at Chick-fil-A at 5:30 before heading to the game
Tiger victory around 10pm
Matt home around 1am
Works until 2am on video

If we had a Friday game Matt gets to work at 6:30 for video with the coaches before they watch video with the kids
Home by 2pm
Leave to scout by 5pm
Home by 10pm

If we have a Saturday game Matt get to work at 6:30 for team breakfast
They usually work all day watching video and getting materials prepared for the NEXT game
Saturday night games start at 6pm, over by 9pm
Matt home around 1am
Works until 2am on video

Sleep until 8:30
Church at 9:45
Lunch at Mission Burrito (Matt)/ Panera Bread (me)
Hand out together until noon when Matt leaves for work
I go to lunch at Red Lobster with my family
Head home and I do chores: laundry, floors, bathrooms, pay bills, etc
Dinner with McDaniel's at Los Cucos at 6:15
Deliver Matt his dinner at the fieldhouse at 7:30
Grocery store until 8:30
Grade papers, make lunches, etc
Bedtime 9:30


Saturday, November 5, 2011

District champs!

This week was "playoffs" for our junior high boys and I'm SO proud to say our 7th and 8th grade teams are both district champs AGAIN!  Whoo hoo!

We drove to Austin last night to watch Westlake beat the Bowie Bulldogs 35-0!  Way to go defense on the shut out and way to go Westlake on the win!!  District champs!

For the record Coach Joseph (Scott) won on Thursday 35-0, Coach Joseph (Jeff) won Friday 35-0, and Coach Joseph (Gary) won today 38-7.  What a family!

Today we played Cinco Ranch for the district championship and WON 38-7!  Cinco scored with 0:51 left to play in the game to keep us from shutting them out.  Our boys played so hard and deserve the trophy again.  CONGRATS KATY TIGERS!!

We also won halftime...check out our band and brigade having so much fun to Party Rock Anthem:

Now it's time for our favorite season of the year...PLAY-OFF SEASON!  First up...Madison Marlins on Friday.