Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring football is here (for now)

For anyone who knows us, they know there are exactly 3 seasons to the year: fall football, spring football and off-season. Luckily for us Monday marked the beginning of spring football, the second best season. It has not been too productive of a week with practice being cancelled on Monday and Tuesday for the rain, but at least the boys are back to work and we will have our first scrimmage on Saturday. So exciting! Hopefully this whole Swine Flu thing will pass us over and they won't cancel spring football. *fingers crossed*

Here's to the 2009 Katy Tiger football team!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rain rain go away!

So today was supposed to be the BIG day, math TAKS test. Dun dun dun! We've worked and worked and worked and I really think my kids were ready and were going to do well. We woke this morning at 4:45 to a terrible thunderstorm outside and I was only worried about my t-shack having power when I got to school! Come to find out, we received almost 8 inches of rain overnight and school ended up being cancelled. CANCELLED! First Ike, now flooding....all in one school year, unbelievable. So math TAKS has been pushed to tomorrow, provided we can all get to school tomorrow. Reading TAKS will be the next day. Hopefully the kids will not be too thrown off and still do as well tomorrow as they would have done today.

Here are a few pics of the bayou I took while on the way to Chick-fil-A (hey, no school means I get to splurge, right?) this morning about 9:30am. It runs right next to the McDaniel's house and usually you can walk along the bottom. Quite a difference 8 inches of rain makes!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Teacher in the Family!

I'm so excited to say that Ms. Sara McDaniel has accepted a 2nd grade teaching position at Stanley Elementary. Stanley is the newest KISD elementary school and will open in the fall. We are so thrilled for Sara and her future students!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Soccer State Tournament

We spent part of our Easter weekend in Georgetown, TX with the KHS soccer team. Just two short years ago the soccer team won ZERO games, and this year they were playing in the state tournament. The 4 best teams make it each year and we were one of the fortunate four! To get there we beat the #2 team in the big deal. :)

We left for Georgetown immediately after school on Thursday and drove straight there. I drove my car so we could have transportation while there (really, so I could go shopping while they were doing soccer stuff, hehe) but Matt had to ride the bus with the team. I tried to follow the bus but we ended up taking separate routes. Once we arrived and checked into our hotel we went over to the stadium at Georgetown ISD to watch some of the 4A games that were going on. I've seen some high school football stadiums in my life and Georgetown has to rank up there in the top 10. Check out the size of that press box!

Friday the boys got up and hung around the hotel and I hit up the outlet mall in Round Rock! So fun! That afternoon we headed over to the stadium and at 4pm lined up to play Plano High School. Plano had to beat the number 1 team in the country to get to the tournament.

It was a slow first half and we went into halftime (do they still call it "halftime" in soccer?) down 1-0. Plano was really good; their defense was stout and we were defending our goal most of the half.

The second half was really exciting as we got close to scoring several times. The game ended with us losing 3-0, but it was a hard fought battle. The guys did so well and most of the team is returning next year. Hopefully we can make the trip again next April!
Since we were in Georgetown all weekend we missed out on the Easter festivities in Louisiana. :( We were really bummed not to be able to see everyone, but state tournaments don't come every year! Sorry we missed it and we hope to see everyone soon!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Mouse-1, Humans-0

So a few days ago I swore I saw a flash of something run across my kitchen floor out of the corner of my eye, but convinced myself it was nothing. Last night while watching a movie I kept hearing a repeated thumping sound from what I believe to be coming from behind the oven. It really sounded like there was something behind the oven moving around trying to escape, and I could hear it over the movie. I tried to get Matt to look into it but he rolled it off as ice falling from the ice maker.

Mouse-2, Humans-0

So tonight I'm unloading the dishwasher and what runs out of the pantry but a MOUSE! A full blown four-legged mouse. In my house! So like any normal woman would do I screamed bloody murder and jumped on top of the counter. Luckily, husband #1 and husband #2 were both home and made it their mission to capture the mouse before we went to bed.

Mouse-3, Humans-0

The boys precede to start shaking things around in the pantry and start to think I'm just being loony. Bull. Eventually the little thing escapes past them and scurries at the speed of light into the laundry room a few feet away.

Mouse-4, Humans-0

So now the boys get excited- a game! They are playing a game with the mouse and they currently are losing. Being two of the most competitive men I know they devised a plan. Jeff would lift the dryer the mouse was currently taking cover under and Matt would swat it with a shoe on his way out. A few pics of the action:

A few times they got really close to capturing Mickey while he danced back and forth between the washer and dryer, but they never caught him. Eventually he ran out and somehow made his way past their waiting shoes and hangers and snuck back into the pantry.

Mouse-5, Humans-0

Now we are all really excited and determined to catch the mouse before we go to bed and not have to wait for him to die in a trap. We had some trouble finding where he went in the pantry and had to determine the best setup to catch him upon exit.
Mouse-0, Humans-1
Alas, he makes for a hasty getaway and Matt, with his cat-like reflexes, smashed him with our leveler. I was hoping we could catch him in a box and throw him back over the fence into the waiting field, but we had to think fast and Matt reacted. Thankfully, we won the game.