Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day weekend

One thing is for sure, we need to have more 3-day weekends built into our calendar in KISD!  :)

Friday night Matt and I were able to have a…dare I say it…DATE NIGHT!  That’s right, during football season on a Friday night I was able to steal my husband away from a football stadium for an hour to have a date.  Yipee!  We went to our favorite Friday night hangout, China Inn Cafe.  Two thumbs up for Friday night!  That being said, we are “off” this week but Matt has been scheduled to scout Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday night.  :(

Saturday the Katy Tigers did some work and beat the Alief Taylor Lions at home, 45-20.  My favorite Taylor Mustang grad, Missy, made it to the game with me and even wore red! I told her that since she came this week and we won she now has to come to all of the rest of the games this season!  Haha!

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Sunday we went to my parents house for Labor Day dinner and guess who came home with us…Brooxie Kate!  Laura had a few hours to herself and stayed at our house, but we got a precious few hours with Brooks on our own.  She is just adorable!  We spent our time eating, seeing the McDaniel’s, sleeping on Uncle Matty’s chest, pooping, and sleeping some more.  Have I mentioned that I love her?  :)

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